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Help us support our search and rescue volunteers and their operational units today. *** General Funds will be applied at the Board's discretion***

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Rescues can't happen without you.

King County Search and Rescue Association (KCSARA) exists to support nine operational search and rescue units in King County:

  • King County 4x4 Search and Rescue (KC4x4)
  • King County Explorer Search and Rescue (KCESAR)
  • King County Incident Support Team (KCIST)
  • King County Search Dogs (KCSD)
  • King County Ski Patrol Rescue Team (KCSPART)
  • Northwest Horseback Search and Rescue (NWHSAR)
  • Pacific Northwest Trackers (PNWT)
  • Regional Special Vehicles Unit (RSVU)
  • Seattle Mountain Rescue (SMR)

Among the the oldest, largest, and busiest SAR organizations in the US, our King County units and their volunteer members bring years of experience into a strong network of citizen first responders dedicated to locating the lost, aid to the injured, and bringing loved ones home to their families.

How Can You Help?

With your financial support, King County Search and Rescue Association (KCSARA) provides the following supportive services to our member units:

  • Operations
    • Maintaining technology tools for mapping, database management, and communications
    • Resource equipment and supplies
    • Fund vehicle fuel & maintenance
    • Maintain operations of a headquarters facility
    • Sustain radio repeaters and vital communications infrastructure
  • Collaboration
    • Rapid Alpine Deployment (RAD)
    • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
    • Incident Management Team (IMT)
    • CARE Team - Stress resilience and psychological first aid support for subjects and SAR responders
    • KCSARA Advisory Board
  • Training
    • Basic CPR/AED/First Aid
    • Wilderness First Aid (WFA)
    • Basic SAR competencies
    • Enrichment training opportunities
  • Administration
    • Technology tools
    • Bookkeeping support
    • Merchandising
    • Nonprofit administration and leadership development
    • Legal supportive services and advice
  • Fundraising
    • Providing applications and support for grants and fundraising
    • Donor management and communications platforms
  • Advocacy
    • Promote King County SAR leadership and expertise
    • Partnerships and collaborations - public and private
    • Outreach to other SAR organizations for information sharing and collaboration
    • Continued awareness of issues and topics affecting SAR and best practices for positive outreach
  • Public Education and Awareness
    • Promote public safety messaging and programs
    • Offer safety courses and content to increase awareness
    • Coordination of outreach opportunities and SAR participation
    • Collaboration with land managers and outdoor recreation organizations
    • Participation in community partnerships

Please visit us at for more details.

Strong and effective teamwork results in excellence in service to the community.

Thank you for considering your support of King County Search and Rescue. Because of supporters like you, we're able to support our search and rescue units and their volunteers to do their very best work.